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Tom Connel, ticket 2275169

Golf News Update
Inclement Weather Statement

Starting May 18th Phase 2

On May 18th we will be moving into phase 2.

Our number one goal has and will always be the safety of our community and our employees.

Phase 2 is a process of development from phase 1. It is a very good step and I believe everyone's efforts got us here. With that in mind let's make sure our next phase is not phase 1 or the phase of April.

Social Distancing will be mandated and enforced.

We will allow two people in a cart if golfers comfortable doing so. There will be players more comfortable riding single carts. You will need to tell your group leader or Central Tee Time of your request, so we can determine if we have carts available. Remember our number 1 goal is the safety of community and our employees. This has to be a health request and not a pace of play request.

We welcome anyone to walk by carrying your bag or using a pull cart. You can hitch a ride in hilly terrain.

When you finish playing we ask everyone to clean out your cart as protection to our employees.

We will sanitize each cart before the next round.

Snack Bar operations will be grab and go operation only until Stonehenge Grille opens. At
that point the snack bars will have a certain set of rules still under considerations.

4 customers at one time.

Pro Shop will be limited to 8 customers.

Tee Times will be 10 minutes apart, but you can now arrive up to 30 minutes before your tee time.

Driving Ranges will be open with space limited to ensure social distancing. Range balls are to be left at the facility. The practice of taking range balls home has ended. It is your choice to hit what was dispensed.

Practice greens will have no cups. We are adding "touchless" targets to the practice greens.

Short Game areas will be open but you must provide golf balls.

Individual Golf Lessons will start. Your professional will follow social distancing guidelines.

On Course Rules

We will continue "touchless golf"

Please do not touch the flag stick. Pool noodles will be in the cup.

Bunker rakes have been eliminated. A local rule will be in place for balls in footprints.

Water Coolers have been eliminated. Please take water and ice with you as you go.

Check in Procedure

Current check in procedures will continue. I want to remind everyone that you can call the pro shop and put money on your card. We are seeing people top up preferred cards everyday in the pro shops. We encourage everyone to call the pro shop and put money on by phone.

I encourage all customers to also stock up on sanitation wipes and hand sanitizer as you go around the golf course to share in the responsibility to keep yourself safe.

In the event of rain, you will have the option of staying on the course or leaving the facility, or waiting through the delay in your personal vehicle. If you decide to quit, you will need to leave the grounds and call back so we can write your raincheck. Your raincheck will be available the next time you play the course. We will not allow gathering at the clubhouse during rain delays. The choices will be to stay on the course or leave. The important thing to remember is we must keep our social distancing.

How to take relief from a cart path. Video 1

How to take relief from a cart path. Video 2

Styrofoam Cups to be Discontinued November 1st

Starting November 1st, we will switch to more environmentally friendly compostable cups. The cost of these cups will be .25 cents. Many, many golfers already bring their own water cup and we encourage everyone to do the same and avoid the cup charge.

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Golf News & League Information

Local Groups And Leagues Seeking Players.
For More Information Please Email or Call The Group Leader or
Email Jeff Houston At

Day of the Week Group Name Group Leader Email Phone Number
Monday- The Golf Club Rick Elliott 931-484-3300
  Men's 9Hole League
(Subs Only)
Dick Stinchcomb Registration Form
  Ladies 9Hole League Mary Ziegler 484-2478
  Tin Cups (Subs Only) Tom Pilkington N/A
  Lady Moonshiners Julie Cook N/A
  Squires Terry Mohler N/A
  LBA (9Holes) John Kindschi N/A
  Mulligans Steve Ford 773-842-3018
  Rishel Group Michael Johnson N/A
Tuesday- Drop Outs Linda Lamberton 931-707-9554
  Grady Group Roger Hardin N/A
  Riders Ray Harrison N/A
  Zingers Gary Burleson 931-484-6149
  Good Ole Boys (Subs Only) Steve Wallace 931-510-4898
  Ladies 18 Hole League Chris Nagy Applications-
  Lady TeeBirds Linda Brown 931-456-8630
  Tennis-ee Walkers Glenn Talbott 931-456-8312
  King Of Clubs Steve Carlson  
Wednesday- Hawking Dawgs Steve Moran Dawgs& N/A
  Men's 18 Hole League Ron Pohl N/A
  Slicers James Nelson N/A
  Titians Dick Smith 931-210-7553
  Birdiemen Chris Mattheis 931-287-0468
  Birdies Emily Milligan 931-335-5816
Thursday- L.D. Boys Roger Hardin N/A
  Nutty Putters Marlicia Mrotek 931-484-1211
  Teesers Dawn Robb 931-456-5601
  Willyrocks (Max 12 Handicap) Steve Kehrer N/A
  Putt Outs Peter DeMeulenaere 931-287-0846
  Jones Boys Rich Orna 630-624-0555
Friday- Hustlers Tom Reigle N/A
  BGA Mike Stotz 931-707-0995
  Drivers Gary Fitch 931-287-0644
  FOG Jerry Tietz Dawgs& N/A
  Glade-I-Ators (Subs) Bob King 931-287-0043
  Roaring 20's Marty Smith 931-484-6784
Saturday- Blue Boys Harry Buysse N/A
  FFG Singles (Not Married) Judy Murdock N/A
  Odd Couples(Cuplesonly) Lachricia Hunt N/A
Sunday- Sunday Couples Doug Soule N/A

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