Shootout with the Pros

The Shootout with the Pro's monthly series will be welcoming a returning sponsor this year.
William K. Dickerson of Edward Jones will be our series sponsor and also playing with us each month.

William K. Dickerson CFP®
4630 Peavine Road
(931) 484-5912

Sign-up for the September Shootout will open on August 24th at 6:00am.
Click here to register.
If you get a message that the event has reached it's maximum capacity, you can email Cody to be added to the waiting list.

Congratulations to Fran Hopp who had the Shootouts FIRST EVER Hole In One!!!
Heatherhurst Brae #7

Date Course
March 29 Druid Hills                         Results     Skins      Leading Money Winners
April 26 Stonehenge                        Picture      Results      Skins   Leading Money Winners
May 31 Heatherhurst Brae             Results      Skins      Leading Money Winners
June 28 Heatherhurst Crag             Results       Skins      Leading Money Winners
July 19 Dorchester                         Results      Skins      Leading Money Winners
August 23 Druid Hills                        Results       Skins      Leading Money Winners
September 27 Dorchester
October 18 Stonehenge

September 27th Shootout                                      Pros                                                    
1.Will Dickerson                                                   1.Jeff Houston   
2.Nancy Harper                                                     2.Cory Wade
3.Cal Bettis                                                            3.Jack Sixkiller
4.Bob Brosmer                                                      4.Grant Goodwin
5.Jim Hodge                                                          5.Jeremy Jones
6.Paul Demet                                                         6.Adam Forgey
7.Charles Wilson                                                   7.Rag Jones
8.Tom Thompson                                                  8.Cody King
9.Archie Bentz                                                      9.Warren Huddleston
10.Tim Rich                                                          10.Steve Kraft
11.Judy Rich
12.Robert Ellis
13.Joe Frazier
14.Chris Kencitzski
15.Cindy Stamps
16.Jerry Race
17.Cal Smart
18.Rick Harper
19.Bruce Evans
20.Bill Heidle
21.Aaron Inman
22.Rhonda Huddleston
23.Everett Cook
24.Sam Hall
25.Felix Wagner
26.Don Johnson
27.Doug Raker
28.Tim Driggs
29.Sandy Ostman
30.Dick Ostman
31.Mike O'Hara
32.Don Graham
33.Bill Pippin
34.Fran Hopp
35.Dan Linskens
36.Vern Hunkele
37.Gary Chadwell
38.Dallas Logue
39.Rick Elliott
40.Jim McKissick
41.Pat McKissick
42.Jim Morrison
43.Vera Collins
44.Jeani Miller
45.John Hughes

All amateurs receive winnings in the form of Pro Shop Credit