Welcome our 2021 Shootout with the Pros Sponsor.
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2020 Shootout with the Pros
Champion JERRY ALLARD and runner up MIKE OHARA

Click here to register.   (link is for summer Shootout ONLY)

If you get a message that the event has reached it's maximum capacity, you can email Rag to be added to the waiting list.

Must have a USGA Handicap Index To Sign Up.

2021 Shootout Dates and Courses
Date Course
March 31 Druid Hills
April 28 Dorchester     Results     Money
May 26 Brae
June 30 Stonehenge
July 28 Crag
August 25 Stonehenge
September 29 Brae
October 20 Crag Back 9

May 26, Brae SOWTP                                                  Pros
1. Dan Richardson                                                Houston, Jeff
2. Felix Wagner                                                    Sixkiller, Jack
3. Bill Heidle                                                        Wade, Corey
4. Bruce Evans                                                     King, Cody
5. Judy Rich                                                          Jones, Jeremy
6. Tim Rich                                                           Hickey, Mark
7. Tom Carlson                                                     Jones, Rag
8. Curt Camden                                                    Adam Forgey
9. Mike Stalder                                                     Steve Kraft
10. Fran Hopp
11. Archie Bentz
12. Suzanne Rhodes
13. Vernon Hunkele
14. Chris Kencitzski
15. Don Johnson
16. Sam Hall
17. Craig Leeper
18. Becky Leeper
19. Don Arbuckle
20. Paul Demet
21. Scott Tubandt
22. Tammy Tubandt
23. Jeff Powell
24. Robert Ellis
25. Corky Wilson
26. Judy Wilson
27. Ken Schrichte
28. Nancy Harper
29. Rick Harper
30. Mike O'Hara
31. Richard Sanson
32. Sandie Baillie
33. William McCowan
34. Everett Cook
35. Scott Keck
36. Joe Klein
37. Jim Morrison
38. Bob Brosmer
39. Tom Thompson
40. Charley Wilson
41. Rich Orna
42. Paul Davis
43. Bill Foley
44. Denny Lown
45. Doug Peters

Alternate List
1. Don Chrobot
2. Jim Hodge
3. Jerry Allard
4. Lesley Lincoln
5. Gene Touchstone