January 23 Chili Open        Info 
Tee Times & Pairings
March 2-7 Closed to Aerate Crag  
March 9-14 Closed to Aerate Dorchester Dorchester open
March 16-21 Closed to Aerate Druid Hills  
March 27 Music Programs of Cumberland County
Crag Results
March 31 Shootout with the Pros Druid Hills  
April 3 6th Alternate Shot Crag Results
Congratulations to David Boggan for a 
Hole-in-one on Crag #14
April 14 DEMO DAY Heatherhurst TaylorMade fitting by appointment zip code 38558
April 17, 18, 24, 25 Match Play Druid Hills, Druid Hills,
Brae, Brae
Tee Times
Round 3 Brae Brackets
Updated 4/19 8:30 am
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April 28 Shootout with the Pros Dorchester  
May 7-8 Couples Invitational Crag, Brae Entry Form
May 26 Shootout with the Pros Brae  
June 4-5 P.O.E.T.S. Spring Invitational Dorchester, Brae Entry Form
June 12 Jonah's Joy Dorchester Entry Form
June 13-15 TN Senior Open Stonehenge  
June 16 Drive, Chip & Putt Stonehenge  
June 18-20 TN Parent/Child Stonehenge  
June 19 Knights of Columbus Brae Entry Form
June 26-27 Golf Week East TN Am Tour Brae  
June 30 Shootout with the Pros Stonehenge  
July 8-9 World Famous Junior Clinic Stonehenge  
July 10-11 Ladies Invitational Heatherhurst Tournament Entry Link
July 16 Art Guild Brae Entry Form
July 21-24 Tennessee Women's Open Stonehenge  
July 28 Shootout with the Pros Crag  
August 14-15 Member-Member Heatherhurst Announcement 1
Announcement 2
Entry Form
August 18 Fairfield Glade Pro-Am Brae  
August 21 United Fund Dorchester  
August 21-22 TN Women's Four-Ball Brae  
August 25 Shootout with the Pros Stonehenge  
August 28 Action Heating & Cooling Crag  
August 30-September 1 Closed to Aerate Dorchester  
September 7-8 Closed to Aerate Brae  
September 11 Lions Club Crag Entry Form
September 12 St. Francis    
September 13-15 Closed to Aerate Crag  
September 19 Christ Lutheran Dorchester  
September 20-22 Closed to Aerate Stonehenge  
September 27-29 Closed to Aerate Druid Hills  
September 29 Shootout with the Pros Brae  
October 8-9 P.O.E.T.S. Fall Invitational Dorchester, Brae  
October 16-17 Club Championship Brae Entry Form
October 20 Shootout with the Pros Crag Back 9  
October 23 SMHS Baseball Dorchester  
October 24 CCHS Baseball Brae