2020 Tentative Tournament Schedule

This page is subject to change, so visit often to stay up to date with all the events going on within the golf division.
The online entry forms we have available are in PDF format. Some events are subject to change.
January 25 Chili Open Dorchester Flyer   Entry Form
March 3-5 Closed to Aerate Druid Hills  
March 10-12 Closed to Aerate Dorchester  
March 17-19 Closed to Aerate Stonehenge  
April 4 5th Alternate Shot Crag Entry Form
April 15 DEMO DAY Heatherhurst 10:00-2:00
April 18, 19, 25, 26 Match Play Druid Hills, Crag,
Dorchester, Brae
Entry Form
April 29 Shootout with the Pros Brae  
May 8, 9 Couples Invitational Crag, Brae  
May 27 Shootout with the Pros Druid Hills  
May 29, 30 P.O.E.T.S. Spring Invitational Dorchester, Brae  
June 6 Jonah's Joy Dorchester  
June 8, 9 Tennessee Senior Open Stonehenge  
June 15, 16 Tennessee Senior Olympics Crag  
June 19-21 Tennessee Parent Child Stonehenge  
June 20 Knights of Columbus Brae  
June 24 Shootout with the Pros Crag  
June 27, 28 Golf Week East TN Am Tour Brae  
July 11, 12 Ladies Invitational Heatherhurst  
July 17 Art Guild Brae  
July 22-25 Tennessee Women's Open Stonehenge  
July 29 Shootout with the Pros Dorchester  
August 1 CASA Dorchester  
August 8,9 Member-Member Heatherhurst  
August  15 United Fund Dorchester  
August 20-22 High School TGA Brae  
August 26 Shootout With The Pros Stonehenge  
August 29 Dash For Derek Brae  
August 31-
September 2
Closed to Aerate Dorchester  
September 7-9 Closed to Aeration Brae  
September 12 Lions Club Crag  
September 14-16 Closed to Aerate Crag  
September 21-23 Closed to Aerate Stonehenge  
September 28-30 Closed to Aerate Druid Hills  
September 30 Shootout With The Pros Dorchester  
October 3, 4 Club Championship Dorchester, Brae  
October 9, 10 Poets Fall Invitational Dorchester, Brae  
October 14 Shootout Finals Brae Back 9  
October 18 CCHS Baseball Brae  
October 24 SMHS Baseball Dorchester  
November 26 Thanksgiving Shotgun Crag (ONLY)  

2019 Events

January 26th Chili Open Crag Event Info
Febuary 26th-28th Closed For Aeration Crag  
March 5th-10th Closed For Aeration(Alternative) Crag  
March 12th-17th Closed For Aeration Dorchester  
March 19th-24th Closed For Aeration Druid Hills  
March 27th Shootout With The Pros Druid Hills  
April 1st Stonehenge Opens For The Season    
April 6th 4th Alternate Shot Crag Results     
April 10th Demo Day Heatherhurst  
April 13th-14th Match Play Druid, Crag Results
Check with Jeremy to see if you won any prizes
April 24th Shootout With The Pros Dorchester  
April 27th-28th Match Play Dorchester, Brae  
May10th -11th Couples Invitational Heatherhurst Results
Day 1 Closest to the hole winners 
Day 2 Closest to the hole winners
May 29th Shootout With The Pros Crag  
May 31st - June 1st P.O.E.T.S Invitational Dorchester, Brae Results
June 4th-6th World Famous Jr. Clinic Heatherhurst  
June 8th Jonah's Joy Dorchester Entry Form
June 9th-11th Tennessee Senior Open Stonehenge  
June 12th Drive,Chip,and Putt Stonehenge  
June 14th-16th Tennessee Parent Child Stonehenge  
June 17th-18th Tennessee Senior Olympics Heatherhurst Tournament Information
June 22nd 27th Annual Knights Of Columbus Tourny Heatherhurst Entry Form
June 26th Shootout With The Pros Stonehenge  
July 6th ETSGA Dorchester  
July 12th-14th Ladies Invitational Heatherhurst Results
July 17th Shootout With The Pros Brae  
July 19th Art Guild Heatherhurst Pairings
July 24th-27th Tennessee Women's Open Stonhenge  
August 3rd CASA Golf Dorchester Entry Form
August 10th-11th Member-Member Heatherhurst Results
August 17th United Fund Dorchester Entry Form
August 21st Shootout With The Pros Druid  
August 22nd-24th TGA High School Invitational Heatherhurst  
August 26th-28th Closed For Aeration Druid Hills  
August 31st Action Heating and Cooling/Dash for Derek Brae Entry Form
September 2nd-4th Closed For Aeration Dorchester  
September 7th Lions Club Crag Pairings
September 9th-11th Closed For Aeration Brae  
September 16th-18th Closed For Aeration Crag  
September 23th-25th Closed For Aeration Stonehenge  
September 25th Shootout With The Pros Crag  
September 29th Good Samaritan Golf Outing Crag Entry Form
October 5th-6th Club Championship Druid Hills, Brae Results
October 11th-12th P.O.E.T.S. Fall Invitational Dorchester, Brae Results
October 23rd Shootout Finals Druid Hills Back9  
October 20th C.C.H.S. Baseball Crag Entry Form
October 26th S.M.H.S. Baseball Dorchester Entry Form
October 31st Stonehenge's Last Day Open For The Season